Named for the area where the company was founded, Vauxhall began as an ironworks company specializing in pumps and marine engines. In the early 1900s the company decided to focus on building automobiles, producing their first model in 1903. Vauxhall ChevetteBy 1907 they changed their name to Vauxhall Motor Ltd. Although the product had changed, their logo remained the same and continues to be used today.
Credited with building the very first true sports car, the Prince Henry C-type in 1911, they were bought out by American auto giant General Motors in 1925. This became the first GM plant in all of Europe and during World War II, Vauxhall, with GM backing, pulled off the amazing feat of designing and building tanks for the British war effort. The project was initially projected to take four years and the company finished the project in only a year. After the war they resumed auto production and today’s Vauxhalls are an Opel-Vauxhall mix still bearing the griffin logo. With models ranging from a Vauxhall Corsa to Vauxhall Chevette (pictured) there really is a lot of options to choose from under the Opel Vauxhall mix.

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