Servicing and MOT made easy!

Whilst we are keen to post news and information about classic Berkeley cars, we also are going to be using this blog roll for general news which surfaces from the Automotive world.

Owning a car usually offers much in the way of practicality and convenience, but things can go wrong, and you can be left needing to get your vehicle serviced, whether it is a New Porsche or a Used Fiat, no car is immune to the perils of the road. On top of that you need to have your car MOT tested annually, so it is never just plain sailing.spanner

As soon as someone mentions the words “service” and “MOT” you hear moans and groans begin to echo; everyone feels the inconvenience, and everyone feels like they have been overcharged at some point. has stepped up to the plate in an attempt to put an end to our moans and groans; a unique system which will make booking your Service or MOT much easier and should save you money.

It is free to use, requires no subscription and it is very straight forward. All you need to do is enter the necessary details of your vehicle and your location and you will be given pricing information regarding the Servicing and MOT costs from garages in your area like Telford MOT and Service or MOT and Servicing Cannock for example.

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