Cadillac was named for the French explorer who discovered Detroit. The company started as an engine manufacturer for Oldsmobile in 1901, but Oldsmobile rejected the powerful engines due to design problems with their models accommodating them. This gave birth to a new automotive company.

Cadillac was to be an upscale vehicle and led the way with innovations for comfort, luxury, and safety. Among their firsts were headlamps, oil tail lamps, and bulb horns. By 1927 they offered over 500 color and upholstery combinations, and had security plate safety glass standard on all models by 1929. By 1930 they offered radios.

Cadillac Logo

Today’s Cadillac continues to lead the way in revolutionary developments. With Bluetooth Technology, hands-free mobile phone capability, and DVD Navigation that responds to voice. Cadillac also boasts Adaptive Remote Start, a function that adjusts seating, and radio channel, starts the car, and recognizes the driver, unlocking the car upon their arrival. OnStar, is a service that gives emergency assistance, and Stabilitrak is designed to pull the car out of lateral skids, and are both standard features on all Cadillac models. Cadillac has become synonymous with high-class cars

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