Berkley Cars Ltd History

Berkeley Cars Ltd were a car manufacturing company based in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and their expertise lay in producing economical sporting microcars. Unfortunately the company was forced into bankruptcy in 1961 when the caravanning side of their business fell through. In turn they were only producing cars from 1956 to 1961, yet during that brief period of time they managed to create some classics, of which 4100 were produced. All models were 2-door roadsters largely made of fibreglass and they were made to be “cheap, safe, easily repairable and pretty”.Remap-Engine-Tuning-Problems There were eight different models in total, one of which (T60 & T60/4) had only three wheels. There are still a number (potentially hundreds) of road-worthy Berkeley vehicles thanks to their reliability and the international Berkeley enthusiast group who help owners with details on replacement Car Parts and restoration/repair information. A company based in Syston, Leicestershire began restoring Berkeley cars in the 1980s, they even got hold of some of the original moulds allowing them to create new body panels and eventually complete T60 cars. These days it is pretty hard to get hold of a Berkeley, for similarly vintage models it might be worth considering a Used AC Car or one of the New Westfield Models that are available and based on the Lotus XI Le Mans Car which is from 1956.

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